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  • Taxi Cab Fare - Harnes Taxi Multi - Taxi Fare Calculator Pas de Calais

    Taxi ride price
    Calculate Price / Time
    Estimate Distance
    Calculate the cost of a taxi ride Pas de Calais
    Harnes Taxi Multi puts at your disposal a tool for calculating the price of the accurate and efficient taxi ride Pas de Calais.
    The approximate price is at any time a price undertaking from Harnes Taxi Multi .
    The fare will always be determined by the price displayed horokilométrique meter installed in our vehicle.
    Price Chart taxi Pas de Calais
    Department Taking into taxi KM day KM Night Hour day Hour Night
    Pas de Calais 2.00 € 1.90 € 2.44 € 21.80 € 27.90 €
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